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On request  i courses can be held in English, Spanish, German.

Campus for children and teenagers

The campuses start in the second half of JULY, are suitable for the youngest aged between i  6-14 years, last from  9:00 to 16:00 , from Monday to Friday and take place in nature to give children, through play / sport, and group activities a healthy reference for individual growth.

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Ten Lessons Package

To give everyone, even those with the most complicated working hours (such as the Scaligeri), the opportunity to get organized and find the time to SAIL, we have created a path of open lessons that DO NOT EXPIRY, which can be used throughout the season. as a single, couple or family.

10 lessons of 1h 20min that are agreed from time to time with our three instructors, which give the opportunity to try and gain experience at all levels on dinghies, cabin cruisers and windsurfing . 

Family weekend

Sailing can be an encounter between different generations, couples, parents, grandparents, children and even friends with us can build fun and rewarding moments to strengthen their relationships.

In four lessons held in the Weekend  we create the right team spirit, learning to maneuver and play between mutual trust and control of the great forces of nature.


Even if it goes against our intent, it is possible to request one-to-one private lessons as an exception, aimed at consolidating specific technical knowledge at any level.

I soci partecipando ai corsi contribuiscono in parte alle spese d'istruttori, carburante, affitto della struttura e al mantenimento in buono stato dell'attrezzatura e dei mezzi utilizzati. Non verranno pertanto fatti sconti, rimborsi o trattamenti diversificati a nessuno.

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